Prof. Richard Döcker Bauhaus Floor lamp DSL 23

Richard Döcker was born on 13. 6. 1894 in Weilheim an der Teck. He studied architecture at the technical university in Stuttgart from 1912 to 1918. In 1924 he became a member of the German Arts and Crafts Association and in 1926 he joined the Berliner Ring (Architects’ Association). As the construction manager responsible at the Arts and Crafts colony at Weißenhof he completed the construction of two houses (House 21 and 22). He took the chair of the German Architects Association in North Württemberg in 1945. From 1947 onwards he was head of the architecture department at the technical university in Stuttgart as full professor for Town Planning and Design. Richard Döcker passed away in Stuttgart on 9. 11. 1968.


Bauhaus Floor Lamp DSL 23

Prof. Richard Döcker, 1923/26
Adjustable floor lamp with opaque glass globe.
Diameter 350 mm
Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN / R.DÖCKER
Metal nickel plated and opaque glass
E 27, max. 100 W