Walter Schnepel Floor lamp - STLWS ...

This series of floor and pendant lamps can be individually combined in size, fabrics and colours.


Floor Lamp STLWS ...

Walter Schnepel, 2006
Height adjustable feet, Pull switch with series connection, Infinitely adjustable height (STLWS 1+2) or height will be adjusted during assembling (STLWS 2+4)
Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN
Nickel plated brass, Base 360 mm or 400 mm, black lacquered metal
E 27, max. 3 x 75 W

Shades for floor lamps STLWS and for pendant lamps HLWSP

S 07/1 …

S 07/2 …

S 07/3 …

S 07/4 …

Colours and fabrics for shades

An anthracite

Gr grey

Nt nature

Rt red

Ws white

Br brown

Variants for linen shades bonded on coloured film

LF Gru green

LF Ma magenta

LF Or orange

LF Rt red

LF Ws white

Stainless steel shades for floor lamps STLWS

S 07/2 V2A d

S 07/4 V2A