Chris Slutter – Floor lamp CSL 08 …

Chris Slutter (1972) ended his studies in 1997 at the Academy of Visual Art and Design (AKI) in Enschede. He won the Dutch Furniture Prize with his design of the ‘Lazy' lamp in the ‘Young Designers' category during the same year.

In addition, he received an honorary mention in the ‘Industrial Product Quality' category.

Chris Slutter move to Amsterdam three years after this study, where he opened his own design studio in which he works as an independent designer.

Slutter's designs are the result of an intensive searching process, in which he explores all possibilities of materials and handicraft techniques.

A functional, clear and qualitative basis results from that, with a design vocabulary which one understands directly. "People must understand what I make. A chair remains recognizable as a chair in which one can sit comfortably."


Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp
CSL 08 + S/CSL gr
Floor Lamp
CSL 08 + S/CSL sw
Floor Lamp
CSL 08 + S/CSL w
Chris Slutter, 2008
Floor lamp made of stainless steel
and with a tilting fabric shade
Each lamp bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN
E 27, max. 75 W
Available in these variants:
CSL 08 … Base: Brushed stainless steel
Shades for CSL 08:
... + S/CSL gr Shade for CSL 08, grey chintz bonded on transparent film
... + S/CSL sw Shade for CSL 08, black chintz bonded on transparent film
... + S/CSL ws Shade for CSL 08, white chintz bonded on opaque film