Joachim Manz

The 1957 born artist Joachim Manz is mainly known for his sculptures and wall workings for the public area. The concrete lamp "Trabant" received 2008 the ifdesign-award.

The designer intends to avoid mechanical compacting of the concrete. The concrete is cast and pacted by habd, so that the sperical surface is randomly riddled with blow holes and air bubbles. The different, creative, metod for the production of the surface of the individual concrete items makes every specimen a unique product.

Pendant lamp "Trabant"

Joachim Manz, 2008

Trabant 1 (Ø 180 mm)
DJM 08/18a m (adjustable)
DJM 08/18a k (adjustable)
Trabant 2
(Ø 160 mm)
DJM 08/16 m (not adjustable)
DJM 08/16 k (not adjustable)
DJM 08/16a m (adjustable)
DJM 08/16a k (adjustable)

Trabant 3 (Ø 140 mm)
DJM 08/14 m (not adjustable)
DJM 08/14 k (not adjustable)



A concrete shere hangs from a thin wire cord, on the lower side a segment is replaced by a high quality glass lens (matt or clear), smoothly curved to create a perfect sphere. On the upper segment of the trabant here is a slit with enough space for a fastening cord. This slit in the concrete allows tilting and rotating of the light.


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