Toshiyuki Kita

Born in 1942, Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita is an adherent of a recycling philosophy. The only raw materials used are those which either return to nature by natural processes of decay or which can be prepared for reuse with the help of solar energy. This is why all of the metal parts are crafted from non-anodized aluminum, a material which melts at a temperature of approximately 660 degrees Celsius.

Toshiyuki Kita’s designs often call to mind organic, almost faunal forms. Similarities to the feet of animals or birds, or the allusion to the bodies of animals, endow his designs with an appealing, lighthearted feeling. Furthermore, Toshiyuki Kita also continues the Japanese lacquer-work tradition.

Pencil pot Kit PS 88

Toshiyuki Kita 1988.





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